Every mixologist’s cocktail cart should have Malibu White Rum. Natural coconut extract gives this delicious, fresh rum its true-to-life flavours. Besides its sweet coconut flavour and Caribbean (or is it Californian?) vibe, most drinkers remember Malibu for how easily it goes down. This 1980s coconut liqueur is more than its pretty bottle and sugary flavour. 

    Here are some further details on Malibu: 

    West Indies Rum Distillery Distills Malibu 

    A small percentage of rum, made in the Caribbean by West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd., is present in Malibu. However, finding the precise location of the Malibu distillery might be difficult. It’s confirmed that the respectable-looking Ministry of Rum (serving a “Royal Navy Toast of the Day”) is created in Barbados’s famed West Indies rum distillery. However, the West Indies distillery lacks a website, and Malibu management hasn’t ever addressed inquiries concerning this. 

    Molasses, a sugarcane byproduct, is used for making Malibu. It’s crucial to recognize that rum might be produced from molasses syrup, a result of processing of sugarcane. There are other intriguing facts about rum creation as well. There is also the “rhum agricole,” which makes up a smaller portion of the market but is more fragile and challenging to grow. Malibu is a very traditional rum made mostly of molasses. 

    Johnnie Walker Blue and Malibu Are Close Cousins 

    When you think of Malibu, the Royal Crown is not the first thing that springs to mind. However, alcohol executive Thomas Jago, a seasoned business veteran who died in 2018, produced Baileys Malibu and Irish Cream. An attempt was made to rename the unsuccessful rum Coco Rico as Malibu. Jago went on to invent another beverage, Johnnie Walker Blue. Combine Malibu, Baileys, and Johnny Walker Blue, three of Jago’s most famous creations, and you’ll have an interesting day.  

    Cans of Malibu

    Cans of Malibu are readily accessible, which is not surprising given the modern trends. This was inevitable as Malibu is already a lower-ABV, flavoured, alcoholic beverage. Thus, it was planned to package it in transportable, reasonably priced aluminium. Rum is required by law to be bottled at a proof of “not less than 80.” The Malibu Original flagship, coconut-flavoured, is categorised as a liqueur rather than rum because of its low ABV of about 21%.

    A Vacation in a Bottle or Can

    It’s hardly shocking; Malibu is canned. Malibu is a low-ABV, flavoured alcoholic beverage, hence, this portable, affordable aluminium container was necessary. Malibu Splash is a carbonated malt beverage. In February 2020, 12-ounce canisters of Lime, Strawberry, Passion Fruit and also Pineapple drinks struck the marketplace. They will certainly be marketed in 4- and 8-packs across the world.

    Overall, Malibu is a popular option for cocktails and a vacation mood since it provides a distinct and tropical experience with its coconut taste. Liquorland carries Malibu from the Caribbean, where you can get a diverse range of flavours that are just available for your party.