People always look for information related to their favorite actor and actress. Same as that, the famous celebrity Mahima Chaudhry’s fans are looking for her details including her family information. Thus, today in this article we will cover the complete information regarding her daughter Aryana Chaudhry. We will learn about her education, physical appearance, family, social media accounts and more. So, stay tuned with the article to gather the details about your favorite actress’ daughter and her pretty personality.

    Who is Aryana Chaudhry?

    Aryana Chaudhry is a famous celebrity child. She has been famous for being the daughter of Mahima Chaudhry, a successful and popular actress or celebrity. Aryana also has her own fan base. As she looks pretty and beautiful, there are people who are fond of her beauty and always look forward to having skin like her.

    Aryana Chaudhry’s Biography

    Aryana Chaudhry is the daughter of Mahima Chaudhry and her father’s name is Bobby Mukherjee. Mahime and Bobby became her parents on 10th June in 2007. Her family completely belongs to hindu religion so she follows the Hindu religion and its rituals. Her nationality is Indian.Her zodiac sign is Gemini. Many people follow her as she is a very cute celebrity kid and so she also has many fan pages created by her fans.

    Physical Appearance of Aryana Chaudhry

    Aryana has an fantasting and eye-catching personality. As per the reports she looks prettier than her mother, even her mother, herself said that her daughter has failed her in beauty. She has an engaging look with 5 feet 7 inches height. Her weight is 48 kg. Also, as she was born in 2007 right now she is 17 years old. She has fair skin, her hair color is black. Her eye color is dark brown.

    Aryana Chaudhry Education

    We have done research on the educational journey of Aryana. But, there is information available about her studies, school or college. However, as per her age we assume that she might be still pursuing her studies. Although, we got news through resources that she resumed her school for 2 months while her month was fighting with cancer.

    Aryana Chaudhry Career

    While talking about the career and profession of Aryana. There are no updates and news regarding her career, as we said that we assume, she is still completing her education. However, there are several people assuming that she will also come to the film industry and join her mother’s profession. As per the reports, in some interviews her mother has clarified that right now she is pursuing her studies but there are chances of her being an actress. So, you might see her making her bollywood debut soon or after some years.

    Aryana Chaudhry Family

    Aryana comes from a hindu family and is famous for being the daughter of Mahima Chaudhry, her mother. Her father’s name is Bobby Mukherjee. She is the only child of her parents. Right now, she is living with her mother. In 2006, Mahima married Bobby and after one year of their wedding Aryana came into the world. Her parents got divorced in 2013, and her mother got her custody. Her mother’s real name is Ritu Chaudhry and she has made several film debuts. She has been seen in various successful movies like Dil Kya Kare, Dhadkan and more. Later on, she took a break from her career.

    Aryana Chaudhry Net worth

    As we have discussed, we do not have information regarding her profession or career. Continuing that, we have also not found her net worth. But, as being a celebrity kid she is having a lavish lifestyle with her mother whose net worth is 4-5 Million. However, we have gathered from some sources that she also has a net worth of 1-2 crore but we do not present any surety on it.

    Aryana Chaudhry Social media

    As Aryana is quite far from the limelight, we do not find her social media account. However, she has been seen with her mother at various events but not on social media channels. Although, with the help of our research we found that she is on instagram and her account is private. So, we are not confirming whether it is her official account or not. But, the celebrity kid has a huge fan following and there are several fan pages of her active on instagram. User’s can checkout their instagram account and find the relatable update of her life by searching for her personal account, or through the fan pages and her mother’s account.


    1. Aryana’s hobby is travelling.
    2. She also knows swimming and cooking.
    3. Her favorite color is white. 
    4. Her favourite actors are Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff.
    5. Her favourite actress is her mother Mahima Chaudhry.
    6. She loves dogs.