One of the newest and most popular hobbies is building remote-controlled (RC) cars. Maintaining your car requires having a store of standard parts. Great RC car accessories are also available to enhance the experience and make things go more smoothly.

    You don’t want to be stranded because you cannot start your car or complete an urgent repair on the spot. Which five accessories are the best that any RC fan should look into?

    Starter Boxes

    Need engine starting help? Starter boxes can help you break in your new RC vehicle or make starting easier. A starter box eliminates the need to pull-start your RC nitro car. Some car models are harder to start, but a starter box gets you going quickly.

    RC Tools

    Specialised tools maintain your car. For your standard tool kit, consider adding:

    • Magnetic Balancer: Balance spinning parts to prevent RC vehicle wear. They are perfect for levelling fresh tires before driving.
    • Gear Puller: Use a gear puller to avoid stripping set screws.
    • Temperature Gauge: Avoid burns by testing engine temperature.
    • Tool Pouch: Organise your tools to simplify pit stops and tweaking.
    • Glow Plug Wrench: Makes glow plug replacement easier and faster.

    Glow Plugs

    Replacement glow plugs are essential since they can fail and shorten your driving time. Even new glow plugs can fail, so bring a tiny kit, including an igniter, charger, spare glow plugs, and a wrench to adjust the path without ending the enjoyment.


    Fuel will be required if you plan to operate a nitro car. For maximum performance, fuel specifically developed for RC nitro cars is utilised. Follow the fuel recommendations in your owner’s manual to find the ideal blend of castor and synthetic oils for your car.

    To make fueling easier, you can choose a fuel filler container that best suits your needs. They come in various sizes and have long, angled tips to help with spill prevention and refilling efficiency.

    Keep your fuel properly sealed at all times, as moisture will seep into it from the air and soon degrade it. For spills and leaks, you might also consider packing rags and fuel cleaner in your supply.

    Air Filter Oil

    Applying specialised air filter oil to your nitro car’s air filter can prolong the engine’s life and help the filter retain more dust and debris. However, if the filter is over- or under-oiled, the engine may sustain damage, impacting performance. Use only the oil recommended for your particular type of filter, since using the incorrect oil can cause the filter to disintegrate.

    Before installing your oiled air filter, ensure it has had up to 30 minutes to dry off. This will prevent the excess oil from clogging the system. Instead of using a freshly oiled or dry filter, always have pre-oiled filters for replacements.

    These are a few recommended RC parts and accessories you should keep when racing or just playing around with your RC vehicle. You will find many more products designed to help you fix or add to your vehicle by shopping online or at your local hobby shop.

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