Revolutionize the world of the job search process with new-age solutions. The blend of technology and artificial intelligence is going to do wonders for your job searches. If you are thinking about which platform we are referring to, then it is LoopCV. With the help of this blog, we are going to explore this platform in complete detail. Here we will cover its accessibility, pricing, positive side, and more. If you wish to gather all the information and boost your presence on hiring then this could be a highly useful blog for you. 

    LoopCV Overview

    LoopCV is a web-based platform that enables an automated process for job searches. The utilization of technology and artificial intelligence on this platform is highly effective. It helps you create a profile, upload a CV, search for jobs, and even write customized attachment emails. This effective functionality, with the help of the pre-designed templates, leverages your profile. The boost in the presentation of your application increases your chances of getting shortlisted for the position of your choice. 

    Accessing LoopCV

    Upon reading the usefulness of this platform if you wish to access it, then you must follow these steps. By following these suggested steps you will be able to use this web-based platform effectively. 

    • Account creation: the foremost thing that you need to do is set up your account on LoopCV. For the creation of an account provide all the asked details. After filling in and cross-checking the provided details, submit it successfully. 
    • Uploading CV: After creating your account you need to upload your CV, you can either use the automated feature or create it manually. Once you have your hands on the CV, upload it on the platform. 
    • Search Creation: As per your CV create your searches, and specify your location, profile, tile, and other things. After you upload all those details you will get a Job listing according to your experience and preference. 
    • Automated Search: The platform begins its searches after scouring various job boards and platforms. These automated searches match your alignment of the CV and showcase results as per those. 
    • Apply Manually or Automatically: Users have the preference to lect whether they want the auto application and full control. They can set their choice and apply on the profiles that they like. 

    Pricing of LoopCV

    This platform provides you free access to its services for a trial. But you need to select any suitable plan for yourself to continue its use. We have mentioned the brief about the offered plan. 

    • Basic: If you choose this plan, then you get it free from any charges or grants. Under this system, you can make a maximum of 10 applications or emails within the provided month. With this plan, you get three job boards and receive low-priority applications. 
    • Standard: The standard pricing of this plan is available at $9.99 per month. With this plan, you get the ability to look for 20 job titles each month, with 100 applications. You can make all these 100 applications in the provided month along with emails, with 20 job boards. The plan also comes with a medium-priority application process. 
    • Premium: The premium plan of LoopCV is accessible at $29.99 per month. This plan enables you with 50 job titles, per month with 300 applications and emails per month. When you purchase this application you also get high priority experience. 

    Unveiling Positive Points

    When you use this platform you will get a certain positive or bright side. Here we have discussed the for your brief. 

    • Efficient Jobs: This platform provides you with efficient job searches, as it is a blend of tech and AI. It brings in references, as per your experience, skill set, and preferences as per your CV. You somewhat get a completely personalized experience while using this platform. 
    • Tracking: Users also get an option to track their CV progress and can also view their statistics. This tracking feature provides insights like opening Emails, replies, which version of the CV is downloaded, etc.  
    • CV Enhancement: You can enhance your CV engagement time and appearance. With the help of AI, you can garner a new world of words to boost your CV. The automation system will create your CV as per your role, skills, and experience. 


    The blog has covered all the basic information related to LoopCV. With the help of the provided details, you can access this portal effectively. After the effective use of the same witness the magical changes in your career prospects. Therefore, give a thorough read to the provided information and apply the same.